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Fake Whole Cakes > Lemon Topped Cake (Displayed at Macys)
Lemon Topped Cake (Displayed at Macys)

Price: $45.00
Availability: in stock

This is a 6" by 5 or so in height luscious vanilla frosted cake topped with lemons.

One of many at Macy's Worldwide.

See 2nd photo for 8 x 5 for $48.00

See 3rd Photo to enjoy the cake with our lemon cupcakes sold separate.

Thanks for the awesome cake.  Received today. Tried to buy it at Macy's but they wouldn't sell it to me!  Great job!
Sheila Schraer
Hi thanks! I'm good-That's an insanely gorgeous creation-I see why Macy's wouldn't part with it! let me get the glassware, measure, and go from there! Talk to you soon! Dan
Oh.....oh......oh.......totally, totally gasping.......so unbelievably BEAUTIFUL.......PERFECT!!!!
I cannot believe I am a lucky owner of this beauty!!!!!  Thank you....thank you!!! Totally over the moon!!!!!!!!
Terry Dempsey