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Fake Whole Cakes > Plain topped Iced Cakes Prices vary
Plain topped Iced Cakes Prices vary

Price: $48.00
Availability: in stock

Price is for each 9 inch Cake.  Select from a style below:



Yellow Basket Weave Cake (no topper) 9x4 1/2        $42.00
Whipped Vanilla Cake (no topper)                              $38.00
Torte Cake (no topper)                                                $44.00
Party Cake w/ Ruffles                                                  $42.00
Victorian Rose Cake                                                   $43.00
Boy Birthday Cake (no topper)                                    $32.00
Lavender Spender (no topper)                                    $38.00
Tender Teal Cake (no topper)                                     $38.00


Thank you so much for sending this photo! I got to check out my cakes while was waiting for my flight back to San Diego from New York. I am home now and got my cakes, they are beautiful! Thank you! 
Aimee Mager
Beyond gorgeous.......I am over the moon with joy with this beautiful, stunning Yellow Plain Basket Weave Cake!!!! Cannot thank you enough!!!!! Thrilled......cannot stop saying "OH"!!!!! Yet, another one of your gorgeous CAKES that I am in love with!!! 
Thank you so very much!!!
Terry Lee Dempsey​