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Pet Photo Cake

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A 2 layer 8" cake iced with a white frosting. Decorated on the sides with your pets photo on 2 sides and Happy Birthday with your pets name on one side and footprints and bones on the other side. The top has real dog bones added so your pet can enjoy at least something from his or her birthday cake. Any color can be used for the border.

You send the photos and I will place them permanently on the cake for using every year for your favorite pets birthday. The candle is optional.

See 2nd Photo Also


Hi there, the cake is here!!!! It's very cute...I love it... I put a picture in it to see how it would work...it 's great! Thank you so much, Consetta


I LOVE IT!!! It is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!  Your Work is Outstanding!

Lisa Aarsteinsen




Hi, OH MY GOSH!!! The cake is absolutely the cutest and most realistic piece of art I've ever seen...and I mean ART... what a beautiful master piece you have made! It's very hard to think it's not real, looks so yummy! Geeez, I'm so excited.  All I can say is that I'm so happy I came across your web site. THANK-YOU THANK-YOU.... A very happy customer, Connie