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Fake Whole Cakes > Strawberry sliced chocolate curl 10 x 3
Strawberry sliced chocolate curl 10 x 3

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 Strawberry Sliced Chocolate Curl Cake 10 x 3 or alittle over .


The Cake Looks Fabulous!  Its GORGEOUS and tomorrow we have 70 people coming for lunch…..a benefit………all through the house at round tables and on the huge porch and out in the formal gardens.I bet EVERYONE comments on the cake on the patisserie rack!

It looks splendid!
Audrey Bayer 

Fabulous gathering today! 70 people to brunch...... Great fun......

Your cake was the center of so mAny conversations including "we thought that was to be our dessert!"
My husband and I love that cake.....it looks so real.....one wants to take a taste of the frosting!
Thank you !
Audrey Bayer