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Fake Whole Cakes > 6 inch Strawberry Cake w Strawberry Border
6 inch Strawberry Cake w Strawberry Border

Price: $48.00


This is a two layer 6" almost 7" inches cake almost 5 inches high with coconut, white fluffy border, and strawberry halves on bottom border. A strawberry glaze is on top covered with whole strawberries.


Available 6 1/2 or 7 x 3 inches as in 2nd photo



Hi,I received the cake today and it is beautiful. Thank you so much.

Lois Fellin


Hi - the strawberry cake just arrived. It looks good enough to eat, and fits perfectly in the vintage cake holder that I recently purchased.





Thank you so much for the cake it arrived today and it's is beautiful. I would like to order another cake to give to my daughter. Her birthday is in the second week of January. 

Mary Poole