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Luscious lemon cake

Price: $48.00
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LEMON CHIFFON CAKE--2 layer 8" cake iced with a fluffy lemon frosting. A pretty border and 6 dollops of icing with a wedge of lemon on each one.  See 2nd photo for close top view.

Oh my goodness........ My Luscious Lemon Cake is so GORGEOUS!!!! I wanted this cake since the first time I laid my eyes on it !!!!!  It is so stunning and truly a masterpiece !!!!!  ​OHHHH, it is soooo beautiful. Thank you so much for your beautiful fake cakes and your so awesome Customer Service....beyond stellar!!!! I am over the moon that I will be owning this so lovely cake also!!!! 
Many, Many Thanks,
Terry Dempsey
Thank you..  My mother in law received the package.. snooper that she is..opened it..lol..  She LOVED IT!!!!  Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!
Lisa king
Hello again!  Luscious lemon arrived safely and perfectly! You do gorgeous work. How quickly could you get a second one of the same type to me?  Thanks!  Kate Mura


I received my lemon cake!  Love love love it!  you did a great job – it’s exactly what I was hoping for and looks delicious on my cake stand! It’s amazing how light it is… I wasn’t expecting that! Perfect!  Thanks again!  Robin