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Creamy Strawberry Cake

Price: $45.00

8" strawberry iced cake 

Available in Vanilla and creamy Chocolate also!


First off...If I every hit the lottery...I am buying every one of your GORGEOUS cakes!!!! I am interested in the " 8" CREAMY STRAWBERRY CAKE " In my leisure time​, I like to get a snack and bring up your beautiful fake cakes website and just love and admire them!!! I am beyond thrilled to going to be the very proud and beyond pleased owner of that beautiful pink cake...which will be display in my kitchen. Thank you so very, very much!!
Terry Dempsey
Hello to leeleescreations.........WOW!!!! I am beyond thrilled with my Creamy Strawberry Cake"!!!!!!! It is so real looking and beyond, beyond GORGEOUS!!!!! I am in love with it and cannot take my eyes off of it!!!!!!!! Will definitely be back to purchase more of your beautiful treasures.....the whole cakes!!!! I want them all!!!!! :)    Happily displaying this on my countertop in my kitchen. Thank you for your help from the beginning and smooth transaction. Very much appreciated. Have a great day and thanks again very much!!!
Terry Dempsey