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Rose Topped Cupcakes

Price: $33.00
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4 CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES decorated with an icing rose and surrounded with a shell border.

Can be created as chocolate cupcakes as in second photo.

3" across and a little over 2" high. They are a standard cupcake liner



    I can't tell you how impressed I was when I opened the box and saw the most gorgeous  Rose Cupcakes ,that I had ordered.  I  was literally  speechless!  They are absolutely amazing " Pieces of Art" !   Absolutely beautiful , realistic and painstakingly  detailed!  I could not have been any more pleased. Thank you once again for providing the very  "Best that there is " !   I will definitely be back for more items.
Los Angeles, Calif.


 Just wanted you to know that I received the 4 cupcakes today.  They are fantastic!  Exactly as pictured on your website.  I can’t wait to put them on a lace doily and a lovely china footed dish I  have for the purpose.

Thanks again for your fine products.


The cupcakes arrived today and they are gorgeous (if that's the right word to describe cupcakes.)  They really do look good enough to eat!!  Thank you very much.
Cupcakes arrived today! They are perfect ... thanks! ~Patty