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Leaf Top Designed Pumpkin Pie

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This almost 10” round pumpkin pie decorated with handcrafted extremely authentic looking fall leaves is a must have for your fake pie collection!


This is a masterpiece!  The most beautiful yet!  I want this pie. Thank you so much.  It is even prettier than the original photo I sent you.

Every one thought my pumpkin pie was real they said how did you make those leaves! Jeannie Wicks
We got the pie today.  It's even more beautiful in person.  I cannot stop looking at it. Thank you so much for doing this custom order. It's stunning!  Chris said, "WOW"!  I cannot wait to take it to work.  I will be ordering here again.  I'll let you know when I am able to splurge again.  Thanks for everything, ladies.  I could not be happier.
I love this pie so much I just placed another order for more! Truly gorgeous work, looks like the real deal. Thank you so much! I will definitely be back for more!