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Lemon Cream Pie Supreme

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Our Extremely Realistic 10 x 2 1/2  inch round Handcrafted Fake Lemon Cream Pie accented with mouth-watering lemons, whipped cream border and cream dollops is baked to a Golden Brown! This eye-catching creation will be the conversation piece of any room. See 2nd photo for front view!  Just one of the many Pies we have to offer!   Our Replica pies will last for many years to come!  
Our Pies can be seen also in The Broadway show "Waitress"  watch the link below for a performance on Good Morning America!
The link to see them featured on Good Morning America 2017 and The Tony Awards is below!
WAITRESS (Broadway) - "Opening Up"/"She Used to Be Mine" [LIVE @ The 2016 Tony Awards]