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Christmas Vacations Aunt Bethanys Special Jello Mold

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Aunt Bethanys Special Jello Mold. A 10" bundt and about 2" high. Created for a replica as in "Christmas Vacation"

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Cleaning and Storage

Basically run it under lukewarm water to rinse off the dust. Do not rub it with anything. Let it dry If you are storing it to preserve it longer, spray it with a Semi-gloss ONLY, the 2x at Walmart. Spray light coat and let dry. Cover with plastic lightly.

Temperature will not affect it.


Any Questions Please Ask and Enjoy!



It just arrived!

The Jello Mold is absolutely PERFECT!   I'm in complete awe of Gail's talent!
It appears that you made the Jello Mold EXACTLY what I requested!
It feels real!  It giggles like the real thing!  The green color is an awesome match!
The cat Nibblets are fantastic and perfectly placed!  You did an incredible job!   I'm so freaking happy!
You need to put this Christmas Vacation Jello Mold on your site!
There are countless fans of the movie...     Gail is one talented lady!
Every time I look at it... I smile, I laugh... it makes me happy!    Jennifer Hanson-Hawkins