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Fake Cakes with Slice
Cakes with Slice can be done WHOLE, just ask!



We are Honored to have our Fake Cakes, Fake Pies and Fake Desserts Enjoyed by all Customers and Represented on The Rachael Ray Show, State Farm, Whalen Packaging, Disney, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, THE BIGGEST LOSER, and Featured at Macys Worldwide to name a few!  


Ladies, your cakes are simple amazing and your services were too.......i just got my cakes in and let just say THANK YOU........ i was able to place a order for five cakes with a real person who walked me very step of the way. Then i got my order exactly when I needed it even though two were custom made just for me and they all look as if they where fresh from mama`s bakery.......your web page along was very impressive but to see them was mouth watering ......have to go now need to place another order but....Omg!

Melody Onyonyor

   Thank you so much for your kindness and prompt attention. I don’t think I’ve ever had such wonderful customer servicefrom any company I’ve ever dealt with. Your products are high quality, and appear very appetizing, and were delivered very quickly. It would be a pleasure doing business with you again.

Christina Thoele

No Price

Good Morning and HAIL TO LEELEESCREATIONS!!!  After reading alot of the Testimonials on your website, I have to say "DITTO" FROM ME FOR ALL THE AWESOME THINGS THAT WERE SAID ABOUT YOUR OUTSTANDING FAKE FOOD!!!  Before I even gave you my order, I told you that your cakes LQQKED like..."Simply the Best" cakes on the entire internet.  And I was sooo right!  What a Birthday surprise it was for me to get my Basketweave, Light Brown Chocolate Frosted Cake, trimmed with 3 shades of blue roses on top.  It is so INCREDIBLY REAL LQQKING that it's very hard for me to believe that it will never get stale, or degrade!  I will definately be back for more!  Thank you so very much!  Paula in WI    


E-mail us at czex@aol.com or leeleescreations@hotmail.com   OR:

Please Call  267-257-6745  if you reach Voicemail, please leave a message.


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