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Fake Cupcakes and Fake Candy

We are Honored to have our Fake Cakes, Fake Pies and Fake Desserts Enjoyed by all Customers and Represented on The Rachael Ray Show, State Farm, Disney, Whalen Packaging, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, THE BIGGEST LOSER, and Featured at Macys Worldwide to name a few!  



Read what our Customer are saying about our Desserts!


I received my cupcakes today and they are PERFECT!  I'm having a baby shower for my daughter in law and plan to incorporate them in the table centerpieces.  I can't wait for the reactions.  They look SO real!

Thanks again, 

I can't tell you how impressed I was when I opened the box and saw the most gorgeous  Rose Cupcakes ,that I had ordered.  I  was literally  speechless!  They are absolutely amazing " Pieces of Art" !   Absolutely beautiful , realistic and painstakingly  detailed!  I could not have been any more pleased. Thank you once again for providing the very  "Best that there is " !   I will definitely be back for more items.  Sincerely, Sheila  Los Angeles, Calif.

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Candy Bar
Cake Pops
Cotton Candy
Cupcake Cake


Hi, Alexandria's Cupcake Cottage is preparing for the Oklahoma State Fair and a fall date of opening in our shopping mall by mid-October!!! 

I just wanted to tell you that your beautiful Cupcakes are magnificent!!!!  They are flawless and look exactly like freshly frosted cupcakes!!!!  Even the Cappucino and Frozen Hot Chocolate beverages are identical to the real thing!!!!!  These items will create a beautiful bakery display and now I can't wait to order your Wedding Cakes & More for our window and wall displays!!!!!!  Thank you, YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!! 
Have a great week and I'll be ordering again soon!!!!
Love and Warmth and Blessings to You and Your Staff,
Leah Blewer / Alexandria's Cupcake Cottage
Springfield, MO
Hey ladies!  I just wanted to let you know that the cupcakes have been an absolute success!!!  I ordered these for a celebration of my store being in business for 1 year.  So, for the whole month of March, when a customer makes a purchase, they can pick up 1 of 6 cupcakes to see what discount that they will receive off of their total purchase.  ( I put stickers on the bottom of the cupcakes ranging from 5 to 30% off their purchase).  I kid you not that atleast 7 out of 10 people ask if they can eat it!  Too funny!  Thanks again!  Will definately be using you guys again!!
Julie Tucker
Invitations etc.
Gallatin, TN
Invitations etc.



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