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Light Chocolate Basket Weave Cake

Price: $50.00

Light Chocolate Basket Weave Cake.

This cake is 9" around the bottom and a little over 5" in height 


LOVE IT .............LOVE IT ..............LOVE IT ................love it

Melody Onyonyor


Good Morning Cassandra...and HAIL TO LEELEESCREATIONS!!!  After reading alot of the Testimonials on your website, I have to say "DITTO" FROM ME FOR ALL THE AWESOME THINGS THAT WERE SAID ABOUT YOUR OUTSTANDING FAKE FOOD!!!  Before I even gave you my order, I told you that your cakes LQQKED like..."Simply the Best" cakes on the entire internet.  And I was sooo right!  What a Birthday surprise it was for me to get my Basketweave, Light Brown Chocolate Frosted Cake, trimmed with 3 shades of blue roses on top.  It is so INCREDIBLY REAL LQQKING that it's very hard for me to believe that it will never get stale, or degrade!  I will definately be back for more!  Thank you so very much!  Paula in WI